Bulk Email Checker 2.0

Verify email addresses in bulk with Bulk Email Checker 2.0.

Bulk Email Checker 2.0

Why Bulk Email Checker 2.0?

Five Verification Checks

Syntax, MX Lookup, SMTP, Catch-All Domain and Disposable Email checks.

Verify Unlimited Emails

You can check as many email addresses as you want. There are no limits.

No Monthly Fees

No monthly fees or contracts.

Easy Import System

Easily import email addresses from Excel, CSV and text files.

Easy Export System

Export your results directly to Excel, CSV or text file.

Proxy Options

Define a proxy to use for the SMTP checks

Improve Email Deliverability

Improve email deliverability

Sending emails to invalid email addresses will lower your sending reputation and increase your chances of getting blocked and never reaching the inbox. 

Clean your email lists, increase your inbox rate and get accurate engagement levels

Advanced Features

MX Record Rotation

Round-robin algorithm to make use of all available mail servers for a domain. This reduces the number of requests received by each individual server.

SMTP Check Throttling

Throttling of SMTP checks against servers serving multiple domains. This reduces the risk of performing too many checks in a short period of time.

Customizable Caching

Customizable caching of results to reduce the number of checks. If you have recently verified an email address, you probably don't need to check it again.

Why Verify Email Addresses?

Improve Inbox Rate

Ensure that your emails are actually reaching the inbox.

Improve Sending Reputation

Improve the reputation of your email marketing infrastructure.

Avoid Blacklists

Reduce the chances of getting your IP addresses or domain blacklisted.

Improve Metrics

Improve engagement metrics such as click-through rate and open rate.

Reduce Costs

Stop paying for sending emails to invalid email addresses.

Avoid Problems

Avoid problems with your email marketing provider.

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